Monday, February 16, 2009


Here at our house, we all have a case of the Mondays.
Even Mom, who said she so didn't feel like going to work today.
I personally think that Mondays are furry pointless and there should just be two Sundays, but Mom says then the second Sunday would be Monday. I don't get it but whatever.

Mom gave me part of my birfday present today (my birfday's not til the 22nd but I knew she had it so I gave her my Puss-In-Boots face until she let me have it.)
So Pippin and I played with it most of this evening. It had the catnips on it. Pippin is obsessed with the catnips so he hogged it. Grr.

Ava sat on the shelf above the computer monitor and stared at Mom. For a furry long time. Mom said she started to get a little uncomfortable when Ava just jumped down and walked off! She's furry weird sometimes.

So that was our Monday! Did I mention the Orange Tabbies don't like Mondays? We don't.



Angel said...

Turtle. we did not like Mondays before mom retires. Now she is home all day, every day. But we still hide out a lot! hehehe

Daisy said...

Well, Mondays are not too bad when you get a fun scratchy toy like that!

Jan's Funny Farm said...

Ava, You're a true tortie. When Auntie Deb is able to get back on the computer (soon, we hope!), maybe you'll join the TATA club. (Tough A** Tortie Assoc.)