Saturday, March 28, 2009

Hi guys!!

Since my mommy didn't buy me ANY cake at ALL for my birfday, I claimed some donuts that were on the counter!

Mom started to gripe at me but she just had to laugh 'cause I just plopped right down on top of them and gave her a furry smug look.

xo-Ava Grace

Thursday, March 26, 2009

S'my birfday!

I'm one whoooole year old!
Mom can't believe that at all. It seems like I was just a teeny kitten 'bandoned at the post office!

I got some new toys that are really fun! Here are some pictures of me playin' with them!

And here's Pippin getting ascited ofur MY toy!

I don't have anything asciting planned for today. What's fun to do on your birfday?

xo-Ava Grace

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Today...I got my head stuck in a cup.

It freaked me out for a minute...then I realized the milk I stuck my head in there to get was running RIGHT INTO MY MOUTH.

Then efurrything was okay.


Thursday, March 19, 2009

So tonight, Mom is going to something called a "Twilight DVD release."

We don't know what that is, really, but we've seen Mom read a book called Twilight a lot. She's also gotten a lot of her friends into it 'cause they talk about it a lot.

Sometimes Mom says she feels silly because she's supposed to be all growned up and she's reading young adult books. Then she realizes she doesn't care! MOL that's the way to be, right? What matters is that she likes it!

She's also really excited for the next movie-it's her favorite of the books 'cause she says she's "Team Jacob".

Maybe she's just a little crazy.

xo-Pippin, Turtle, & Ava Grace

Sunday, March 15, 2009


Here are a couple of our not-so-great pictures from our "photo shoot" the other day!

T: Oops! Well, when you get an itchy, you gotta scratch it!

P: I told Mom I was tired of this flashy-box stuff! But she didn't listen. So I showed her!

xo-Pippin, Turtle, & Ava Grace
To the funny farm & mom Jan-
For efurry good picture Mom takes, there's about a furjullion bad ones. She says she'll post a few today to prove it :)

And Mom wanted us to tell all our cat blogger friends:

She has started selling prints of her photography in her shop, which can be found here ( If anybody is interested, feel free to stop in then tell us what you think! (Suggestions and criticism are always welcome, she said)

xo-Pippin, Turtle, & Ava

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Efurry now and then Mom gets the urge to take loooots of pictures of us. I mean, she takes pictures all the time but sometimes she follows us with a camera for a FURRY LONG TIME.
So last night we hads a "photo shoot" and here are some pictures of us!!

T: My furs look way too loose, like a too-big jacket!
A: Well, I look AWESOME!!
P: ...way to be modest, Ava.

xo-Pippin, Turtle, & Ava

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

You all know how much Mom loves Etsy, we're sure.

So here's a chance for you (and her!) to win some free soap!

Pixie Soap is giving away two soaps/soap dish! She has some amazing looking/sounding soaps.

All you have to do is go to her blog and comment about which of her soaps you would pick, or a purchase from her shop will get you entries, too.

In other news, it's very rainy today.
And the temp is supposed to drop. We might even get some of those white flaky things! Crazy Arkansas weather.

xo-Pippin, Turtle, & Ava Grace

Saturday, March 7, 2009

So we asked Mom today what this "Daylight Savings Time" is all about.

And she said something about how the world spins (?!) and that way it's light outside longer.

And it just does not make any sense to us. Day is day and night is night.

Humans are silly.

In other news, We have a gate on our stairs now. Our human cousin Alex (Mom's nephew) is over here a lot and he's almost a year old, so he gets up the stairs in no time. So it's very confusing and sometimes we forget to stop when we run really fast down the stairs.

A: Here's me and Alex when we were reallyreally little, like 4 months or something! We're exactly the same age.

xo-Pippin, Turtle, & Ava Grace