Thursday, March 26, 2009

S'my birfday!

I'm one whoooole year old!
Mom can't believe that at all. It seems like I was just a teeny kitten 'bandoned at the post office!

I got some new toys that are really fun! Here are some pictures of me playin' with them!

And here's Pippin getting ascited ofur MY toy!

I don't have anything asciting planned for today. What's fun to do on your birfday?

xo-Ava Grace


Daisy said...

Happy Birthday! I hope you have an extra special day filled with treats and toys. I see you got a Cat Dancer. That's one of my most favorite toys of all!

Jan's Funny Farm said...

Happy birthday to you-ooo.
Happy birthday to you-ooo.
Happy birthday, Ava Grace-ooo.
Happy birthday to you-ooo.

Sorry about the howling but Buddy is a hound.

Angel said...

Happy Birthday! Have a good day! Looks like you got fun toys!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Ava Grace! We just saw one of your comments and followed it to your Blogger page and then to your blog... all of us Good Cats were also homeless at one time, so we are always happy to read about a homeless cat who has been adopted and is living a happy life. Happy 1st birthday, and may you have many more!