Sunday, May 24, 2009

Hi efurryone.
Just a quick update (sorry we haven't been around, Mom's been planning then actually having a yard sale. Toooo much work. We'll be posting more normally once the weekend's ofur.) Mom's also been working more than usual to make the green papers which is really good because of this...

Turtle is in the hospital right now because he started howling like he does when he gets barfy (he has food allergies so if he gets into my foods he barfs it right back up) but kept doing it and doing it...then he squatted and peed in the floor!
The v-e-t did some bloodwork and said that his potassium is low, and they want to keep an eye on him because his pee-hole might be a little bit blocked. So he's going to get some waters in his arm (IV fluids) and have to stay to be monitored.
Please purray or think pawsitive thoughts for him! I fight with him a lot but I miss my brofur and I want him to be home and healthy.


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Angel said...

We are sending purrs to Turtle, you and your Mom. WE hope he is not too sick!