Saturday, September 1, 2007

Today's dumb event:

P: So guess what happened today?

Mom slept in because it's her day off and she likes to sleep late, anyway. (And that's cool with me.)

She got up and was getting dressed when she noticed a cat standing at the back door.

She looked a little more closely, and said to our Grandma (her Mom) "Is that TURTLE outside?!"

Grandma looked outside and said "Why would he be outside?"

Mom opened the door and Turtle ran in. He was very hot because as you can tell, he has lots of fluffy fur and who knows how long he was out there?

Turns out Grandpa was carrying in the groceries and Turtle shot out between his legs.

Bet he regrets that, hahaha.

(That is not nice, Pippin!)

Sorry, Mom. But it is funny. I mean, his pathetic little face at the door while I was nice and cool on the sofa...

(Don't tell Mom, but I gave Turds some extra lovin' when nobody was looking. The Outside can be kinda stressful.)


cyclone cats! said...

Hi Pippin and Turtle! Welcome to the best blogosphere EVER!
We look forward to reading about your adventures.

STop by sometime!

n' Conner Cloud
The cyclone cats

Gretchen said...

Pipin, Turtle should be glad to have you as a brother. You did a good thing for him.

Turtle, I'm sorry you got locked out in the heat and got back in again before you became pipin' hot...


Gretchen said...

Geez...I can sure mess up the words today. I mean Pippin...and pippin' hot. Sorry...we slept late to and are still a bit muddle-headed.

Lux said...

Omigoodness! Poor Turtle! I'm glad everything turned out okay ...

The Feline Sextet said...

What a mis-avenshur!
Hi! We just founded yur bloggie yesserday and thought we'd say something! We's looking furward to reading more about yoo two!