Friday, September 14, 2007


P: Nokitty can efur tell Turds that I put these pictures up here...I had to steal them from Mom 'cause he doesn't want anyone seein' him.

I tried to tell him that his friends would like him furry or naked, but he won't listen.

So here he is.

And dis is me checking to make sure it really IS Turtle, 'cause he smells REALLY funny.


The Crew said...

Oh, embarassing to have your naked self put out there for the world to see!

Mom found this interesting link about your (whispers) "problem", which is very contagious to other cats and humans too.

Daisy said...

Poor Turtle looks a little bit embarrassed. But tell him that I like him with or without his furs, he is still very beautiful.

Lux said...

Yes, he is beautiful, like Daisy said.