Monday, September 10, 2007

This is Pickle. As in, "in a pickle."

Mom talked her mom (our grandma) into spotting her the money until she gets paid Thursday, so she took him to the vet.

He tested negative for feline leukemia/FIV, and the vet said he was healthy aside from severe malnutrition and dehydration. So poor Pickle got sub-q fluids and force fed, treated for fleas, and sent home. The vet also said that whatever had happened to his legs was an old injury and shouldn't be anything to worry about.

So he's getting some Pet-Tinic twice a day, force fed if he won't eat, and if he's still not eating in a couple of days will get more sub-q fluids.

Hey, Pickle, we'll eat the stinky goodness for you.


Daisy said...

Oh, Pickle is very beautiful! I am so happy that you are taking care of him. Do you think he will live with you forever?

Karen Jo said...

Hi Pickle. I think you got lucky. Eat up your nice Stinky Goodness and drink your water and get all healthy again, please. I am sure you will get a good home now and be a happy kitty.

Jimmy Joe said...

Oh man, poor little guy. That's a good thing your granny fronted the green papers so Pickle could get checkout out. Does he get the Nutrical too? That is some super-stinky goo. Apparently it helps kitties get nice and squishy again, though. Keep us posted on how little Pickle is doing!
Your buddy, Jimmy Joe

Lux said...

Lucky Pickle is really pretty!

I'm glad the news from the vet was sort of good. Eat, Pickle!

Rosehaven Cottage said...

What a sweet little Pickle! You need to eat, Pickle. You'll be glad you did! Cindy at Rosehaven Cottage

The Feline Sextet said...

Oooh what a sweet, cute Pickle to be in! Is he going to live wif you alls furefur 'n efur? We hopes so, it sounds like he'd have a purrfect furefur home wif you!

The Crew said...

Pickle is a lucky guy to be found and taken care of. We never heard of Pet-Tinic. Is that food?

Normally a malnourished kitten will eat anything. Have you tried catmilk or food made specially for kittens? It's higher in protein for good growth.

Regarding his leg, is he able to get around? Will he use a litterbox?

The Furry Kids said...

Hi Pickle! Eat and drink! Being forced to do that stuff is not nearly as much fun as doing it on your own. You gotta keep your strength up, you know.

Earl Grey

poppyq said...

Hello Pickle, cool name. You are lucky you found such a nice mum to look after you. I hope you feel better soon little kitten cat.