Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Today on The Pickle Report

T: Pickle is eating on his own now-stinky goodness, anyway. The kibble he's kinda "eh" about. He will eat it if someone actually handfeeds it to him, though.

Mom gave him a bath and he's much shinier and clean.

He's also up and walking around some, which is definitely progress because originally all he would do is sit in his bed. He uses the litterbox well and has been playing a little.

But he still walks very strangely. Mom doesn't think he's in pain 'cause she's felt around and looked and he doesn't react at all-it just seems to be how he walks.

Anyway, he's now demanding anyone in the area pay attention to him. Which means I get less attention-hey! I'm gettin' robbed!

No fairs.


Karen Jo said...

Hi Turtle. I think you can let Pickle have some of your attention, for a while anyway. He probably hasn't gotten any good attention for a long time and is starved for it. I'm glad that Pickle is eating on his own and moving around and even playing a bit. It looks like he will come through his ordeal just fine.

Daisy said...

Ah, I am so glad Pickle is doing so well. He's a little cutie.

Jimmy Joe said...

Oh, little Pickle is gettin' better! That sure is good news. He's got some great whiskers. You'll have to remind your momma to give you extra scrunches since you're being so supportive.
Your buddy, Jimmy Joe

The Furry Kids said...

I'm glad Pickle is doing better. He definitely needs some attention after not getting any for so long. But after that, you gotta request some. I suggest scratching on the couch or pretending to eat plastic. That works every time.

Earl Grey

Lux said...

You be sure to ask for what you need, too.

But I'm glad Pickle's all cleaned up and feeling better.